Outstanding clarity and comfort

Gone are the days when spectacle wearers were limited to thick, heavy lenses and a potentially distorted appearance. Thanks to advanced production methods, Hoya’s lens materials are slim and attractive, even for stronger prescriptions, providing outstanding clarity and comfort.

Lens materials customized to youCR 39

  • Eyvia 1.74: An ultra-thin lens material offering clear vision and an elegant appearance, ideal for higher plus or minus prescriptions and rimless frames
  • Eynoa 1.67: A thin, versatile lens material that provides a superior combination of clarity, comfort and style
  • Eyas 1.60: Hoya’s best-selling premium lens material; the top choice for rimless frames and perfect for lower prescriptions
  • PNX 1.53: Strong, flexible lens material that can withstand a knock or two; ideal for children and active lifestyles
  • Plastic 1.50: Hoya’s standard, budget-friendly lens material