What is AMD? (AMD)

Age-related macular degeneration is a condition that affects your macula – a small area in the back of your eye that is responsible for central vision. Central vision allows you to clearly see fine details, such as facial expressions or words on a page.

Older people are more at risk and the condition can worsen with age. You may not even realize you have the disease until it reaches a more advanced stage, because it can progress slowly over a long period of time.

In the most serious cases, AMD may advance with alarming speed, causing severe and irreversible central blindness within months, sometimes even weeks.

What are the symptoms of AMD?



Also known as early or moderate AMD, and the most common form, can result in blurred and cloudy areas of central vision. While it can alter your ability to see what’s in front of you, Dry AMD is likely to cause central vision loss.


      • Blurred vision
      • Dark spots in front of the eyes
      • Reduced sensitivity to contrast
      • Difficulty adjusting from bright to dim lighting
      • Difficulty reading small print


Is more severe that Dry AMD and occurs when abnormal blood vessels behind the macula start to grow under the retina. They push the macula up from its normal position and leak, bleed and scar resulting in rapid central vision loss.


        • Large dark spots in or around the central vision
        • Rapid or sudden visual loss over days or weeks
        • Blindness

Early detection and diagnosis, in either case, can help protect your sight!


What are the risk factors

Risk factors include a family history of AMD, age, light skin and blue or light-colored eyes. Other risk factors include excessive sun exposure, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and poor diet.

Do I have it?

Even though there are several symptoms and factors, to get the best results is to book an appointment at a local Optometrist.

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